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Under the Desk=机の下 Membership Agreement


This agreement applies between Under the Desk=机の下 Secretariat and the members of Under the Desk=机の下concerning the internet communication services (hereunder referred to as Under the Desk=机の下) supplied by Under the Desk=机の下Secretariat (hereunder referred to as the secretariat), the planner and manager.

Article 1. (The scope of this agreement, and change in this agreement)

    1. Various agreements proposed by the secretariat through Under the Desk=机の下from time to time will compose part of this agreement.
    2. The secretariat owns the right to change the contents of this agreement (In such cases as a consumption point, the amount of point that it is free, all the periods), including the membership rates, without achieving the agreement of the members, by presenting the change to Under the Desk=机の下.

Article 2. (Member)

    A member is a registered user of Under the Desk=机の下who has agreed to this agreement, sent his/her application to the secretariat, was given consent to be a member by the secretariat after auditing the application. Tell that effect here within 3 from the entrance day when the member page of our site isn't available by the circumstance of the PC or the circuit. When there is no contact, it can't be paid back at all.

Article 3. (Qualifications of a member, and consent)

    1. A person under the age of 18 may not become a member.
    2. The secretariat will audit the application. When the secretariat gives their consent that the applicant may register as a member, they will provide the member with an identification number (hereunder referred to as ID).
    3. If any of the following conditions apply to the applicant, the secretariat may not give their consent to become a member.
    1) If the application was not correctly or fully filled, or if a false data was revealed in the application.
    2) If the secretariat has found out that the applicant had been removed from this membership in the past.
    3) If the applicant has, in the past, neglected to oblige to their duty to pay the membership fee by the due date, or has rejected to pat the membership fee.
    4) If the applicants credit card or the bank account designated by the applicant has been stopped by the credit card company or bank.
    5) If the applicant is under the age of 18, or if the applicant is an incompetent / quasi-incompetent person, and does not have the consent of his/her lawful guardian or assistant at the time of application.
    6) If the secretariat judges the applicant not appropriate to become a member under any other reason.
    4. Even after the ID has been provided, if the secretariat finds that any of the above conditions apply to the applicant, the secretariat may temporarily stop the membership, or take away the membership.
    5. The charges that may occur before the membership has been taken away, such as utilization rates, will be borne by the member, and must be paid without delay by the method specified by the secretariat.

Article 4. (Password)

    1. Member must not give away, pawn, or lend their ID and password to a third person.
    2. Members must be responsible for the protection and use of their ID and password, and must bear all expenses related to the utilization of the ID and password. The secretariat and program provider (hereunder referred to as program provider) of Under the Desk=机の下 will not be responsible for any damages inflicted upon to the member by the use of that ID and password by a third person, regardless of the presence of.
    3. When the ID number password number that a message is transmitted by this doesn't reach. Make contact within 3. It is accepted in the case without contact. When it doesn't make contact. Even if duplication is made up, it isn't taken back at all.

Article 5. (Personal data of the members)

    1.This site doesn't disclose information that the member registered to the third party without obtaining the member's concerned agreement as long as it is ill-founded.
    Indicate it only when you obtain the member's concerned agreement after the offer destination and offer information are specific and confirmed.
    However, it excludes it in the following cases.
    *When the member violates criminality or the law, etc. the guesswork Tsutomu bureau might offer member's individual data by the request such as the police.
    *The secretariat will not disclose any personal data of the members to a third party unless the necessity to do so arises due to the management of Under the Desk=机の下.
    When this site is managed by the advertising expenses by the sponsor and it registers with this site, regardless of withdrawal from the membership, it consents to receive the operating mail from a sponsor distributed irregularly, advertising mail, a mail magazine, etc.

Article 6. (Services)

    1. The services and programs provided by Under the Desk=机の下will be of those judged by the secretariat to be possible to provide at that time. The secretariat owns the right to change (including withdrawal) the services and program contents without the agreement of the members.
    2. The secretariat will, at regular intervals, or for maintenance reasons, or in cases of natural disasters and calamities, stop all services without prior announcement.
    3. When the secretariat decides it necessary, the secretariat can stop , Under the Desk=机の下after giving a notice at least one month prior to the date when Under the Desk=机の下 will be stopped. The notice will be given through methods provided by Under the Desk=机の下 and its secretariat.
    4. Under any reason, the secretariat and program providers will not bear any expenses that may be inflicted upon the members or a third person, including a delay or interruption in the services provided, or if the service was put to a stop.
    5. All inquiries and email to the Secretariat shall be in Japanese or English.
    6. Each title ends public presentation periodically.
    7. The maximum of downloadable movie capacity shall be 2 GB per day. It is reset at 0:00 JST. The Movie downloaded within the same day is downloadable again.

Article 7. (Diverting of services)

Members are prohibited from diverting all or part of the services provided by Gal's apartment to a third person using any methods for any purpose.

Article 8. (Information registering)

    1. Members are prohibited from registering to Under the Desk=机の下any information that applies to the following conditions:
    1) The information contains illegal materials, or materials that opposes public order and morals.
    2) The information contains materials that may lead to illegal acts.
    3) The information contains materials that may abuse the copyright of other members or third parties, confidential business data, publicity or other property rights, privacy and human rights.
    4) The information contains materials that may inflict damage, harm, abuse and defame other members or third parties.
    5) The information contains materials that interrupt the smooth operation of Under the Desk=机の下.
    2. If a member should inflict damage upon other members or third parties through the usage of Gal's apartment, this member must solve this situation under his own responsibility and expenses, and must avoid inflicting any damage to the secretariat and the program provider.
    Should this member in issue not keep to this agreement and inflict damage upon the secretariat or the program provider, the secretariat and the program provider own the rights to demand for indemnity from this member.

Article 9. (Removal of inappropriate information)

Should the secretariat judge any material registered to Under the Desk=机の下applies to the above article, the secretariat may remove this material without giving prior notice.

Article 10. (Service Rates)

    1. The service rate of Under the Desk=机の下and the method of payment will be decided by the secretariat under this agreement, and by a separate service rate agreement shown in Under the Desk=机の下.
    2. Members must bear all sales tax and other taxes related to the service rates. Members must also bear other expenses related to the service rates, such as remittance commission.

Article 11. (Method of payment)

    1. The method of service rate payment is as follows: 1) Credit card: Payment will be done with a credit card issued from credit card companies that the secretariat approves, under the payment rules set by that credit card company.
    The payment settlement will be updated unless the secretariat receives a note of membership withdrawal from the members.
    The notice of every automatic renewal doesn't do it.
    2) Bank remittance: Payment will be done by bank remittance to the bank account specified by the secretariat.
    2. The secretariat will not be responsible should any problems arise between the member and the financial firms or C.O.D. firms, and the problem must be solved between the members and the firms.
    3) Multiple month members and will not be a refund of the rest of the period even when the withdrawal in the period before the end shall be automatically updated in the same conditions to the end of the period.

Article 12. (Membership withdrawal)

Should the members wish to withdraw their membership, the members must inform the secretariat with an Email. Member must also fill in and send a form for membership withdrawal, and must settle all payments immediately. The secretariat will not refund any settled payment. Membership withdrawal notice must be sent 15 days before the day that the members wish to withdraw their membership.
When not canceling a member 15 days before the member term of validity, continuation of the next day is settled. The same condition as the contract is renewed. If a member is canceled, a member's right is lost immediately and it becomes impossible to log in also in front of the member term of validity.

Article 13. (Membership removal)

    1. If the secretariat finds that a member applies to any of the following conditions, the secretariat may stop the use of that members ID, or deprive all rights of a member, and remove that member from membership.
    1) The member has written false data on his/her membership application form.
    2) The member has clearly indicated that he/she will not abide by this agreement.
    3) The member has illegally used, or tampered with the registered information.
    If the member has lent his/her ID to a third person/party, and ill-use was discovered, the secretariat will charge that member with service rates of the number of people he/she has lent the ID to.
    4) The member has ill-used his/her ID or password.
    5) Payment to Gal's apartment was delayed of denied.
    6) The credit card or bank account of a member specified for payment was stopped by the credit card company or bank.
    7) The member did not abide by this agreement.
    8) Illegal actions were taken within the use of Under the Desk=机の下.
    9) The secretariat judged the member inappropriate as a member.
    2. Should a member be removed from membership, all his/her payment duty until the date of removal must be settled immediately. The secretariat will not refund any payment paid by a removed member.
    3. Should the secretariat receive any damage from actions of a member who applies to the above conditions, the secretariat will charge that member for indemnity, even after this members ID and password has been stopped.

Article 14. (Jurisdiction)

Any lawsuits that may occur between the secretariat and the members will be solved under the jurisdiction of the regional court that have jurisdiction over Under the Desk=机の下 secretariat.

This agreement will come into effect from November 04, 2005